Insurance Coverage

PreImplantation Genetic Diagnosis and PreImplantation Genetic Screening
Currently, PGD and PGS testing services are covered under some health plans. The insurance carriers may require patients to obtain pre-authorization to verify clinical appropriateness. Please check with your health plan to determine your carriers’ specific coverage and requirements.

For those patients who want to take advantage of PGS and/or PGD testing and their respective benefits, the tests are often at the patient’s own expense.

WINFertilityGenetics does not bill insurance companies directly. Payment is in advance of PGS and PGD testing services and can be conveniently made via our on-line payment portal or via phone. Cash discounts are available. You will be supplied a receipt following payment that can be submitted to your insurance provider for genetic testing services, or to your Flex Spending Account or Health Care Spending Account administrator.

Whether your health plan covers fertility or not, WINFertility is here to help, delivering the highest quality fertility services at the most competitive cost, providing the best value for your fertility treatments.

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