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WINFertilityGenetics is the newest expansion of WINFertility. For over 20 years, we have been making fertility treatment and medications available to more people who long to be parents, by making the entire treatment cost more affordable. We package all the possible elements; high quality medical treatments by your physician, fertility medications and now genetic testing into a single bundled price. Bundled pricing saves patients up to 40% off the cost of non-bundled services.

Our one-stop-shopping approach lets you make one payment to one source. And you can finance all your services at the same time through WINFertility’s lending partners, enabling you to pay for treatment over time and making it a more manageable expense.

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Patients who access a highly qualified, fellowship-trained Reproductive Endocrinologist within the WINFertility Network get the benefit of saving on treatment, medications and genetic testing…saving thousands of dollars less than the cost of unbundled services.

Patients already in treatment with a Fertility Specialist outside the WINFertility Network can save on both Medications and Genetics Bundles; a smaller Bundle, but still significant savings, convenience and support.

Patients who only require Genetics Testing can take advantage our Genetics Bundles that provide reduced pricing on testing packages for both multiple and single embryos, Sequential Testing Bundles for both PGD and PGS, all genetic counseling, supplies and free shipping.

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Our Licensed Genetics Counselors and Nurse Care Managers are available to explain your options and explain all next steps in the genetic testing process

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