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Now WINFertility is revolutionizing access to genetic testing. If your doctor recommends PGS or PGD, WINFertilityGenetics provides the delivery of treatment bundles which will give you access to the best genetic testing at significant savings — testing which can improve your chances of success at IVF by 23% over IVF without PGS. Our goal is to minimize the financial barriers to having a healthy baby through IVF.
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*Fertility and Sterility Volume 103, Issue 2, Pages 503–512
Note: This is not yet considered a standard of care by ASRM and not usually covered by insurance carriers nor is PGS suitable for all patients.
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WINFertility’s bundles for PGS, PGD, or both tests cover all the costs of testing, including the lab tests, shipping of the frozen samples, and genetic counseling before and after the test. All testing is performed by Reproductive Genetic Innovations (RGI), the world-renowned pioneer in genetic testing.
WINFertilityGenetics pricing helps you save as much as 40% percent versus unbundled services.

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Genetic Tests.

WINFertility Genetics testing guides you on your reproductive journey. Our genetic counseling ensures that you know what tests may be right for you.

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The purpose of PGS for aneuploidy is to reduce the risk for miscarriage and failed implantation, and to increase a couple’s chances for having a successful pregnancy following an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. Misdivision of egg or sperm cells can result in an embryo with too many or too few chromosomes. This incorrect number of chromosomes is called “aneuploidy.” Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, and Turner Syndrome are examples of common aneuploidies. These disorders do not typically run in families, but occur spontaneously and are very common in developing eggs and embryos. Up to 60% of early miscarriages are due to aneuploidy, and the risk for aneuploidy increases with a woman’s age. WINFertilityGenetics offers testing for all 24 chromosome types, using aCGH or Next-Generation Sequencing, state-of-the-art technologies with the capacity to test all the chromosomes of an embryo.
Using PGS tesitng, we can identify male embryos that will have an X and Y chromosome and female embryos will have two X chromosomes. This technology is also used to test for additional chromosomal abnormalities, to increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. PGS is the most accurate known method for successfully determining sex prior to implantation.
Some couples request PGD for a specific genetic condition that may run in their family, such as Tay-Sachs disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Sickle-Cell disease, or Huntington’s disease. Our scientists have over 25 years of experience in testing for single gene disorders, including rare genetic syndromes. PGD can be performed for nearly all single gene disorders, as long as the specific genetic mutation is known. Single gene testing can be combined with PGS (aneuploidy screening), to maximize the chances of having a healthy baby.

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